Air cleaner sound

Air cleaner sound
With the frequent appearance ofwords such as PM2.5 and smog in the eyes of ordinary people,a related home appliance product-air purifer began to attract consumersattention

As home appliances that may need to run for a long time,the noise levet of the air purifer during working hours also needs special attention,if it is used in a quiet
environment such as a bedroom, a noisy air purifer is likely to disturb the user. Rest, this is obviously unacceptable.

Taking the hearing ofordinary people asan example.20to 40 decibels(dB)is like whispering and relatively quiet,40 to 60 decibeis (dB) is equivalent to ordinary
indoor conversation,and 60 decibels(dB)or more belong to the category of noisy,Being in the noise for a long time will affect people's physical and mentat heatth. in
the case of air purifers with different air volume settings, the size of the operating sound is different.

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